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Avery Products Corporation


For their 2014 remodel, Sisson Design Group provided interior design services to Avery Products Corporation’s 77,252 square foot office space in Brea, California. With a desire to have a fun and energetic appearing interior environment, the client selected a design concept that took a playfully abstract spin on their products. On the first floor, a feature wall with oversized “file tab” glass panels greets visitors upon entry into the client’s space. The first floor open office area coffee bar features abstract aluminum “labels” flying off their sheets onto the angular blue soffit above. Upon exit of the elevator onto a floor above, primary yellow peeks through circular cut-outs representative of color-coding label sheets. A bold red soffit with recessed linear lighting appears to travel through the wall of a large conference room and continue to suspended linear fixtures beyond the tilted blue glass. To amplify the energy on the marketing and product development floor, a hallway off the elevator lobby surrounded by offset linear recessed lighting leads to whimsical floating blue circular soffits at the ceiling of the conference room foyer.